Crafted from an image that I took for a product catalog. This video was made to share!

Product teaser featuring my photography. Breaking company social media records is my bag baby.

Third in a series of product videos for social. More After Effects projects please!

Fall promotional animation. I love neat little loops!

Motivational social piece animated in After Effects using my illustrations.

A holiday loop for Instagram. Alpha channel track matte layers in action. I love After Effects projects!

Sugar comparison with high speed. Combination After Effects animations and iPhone footage. 50k views on Facebook.

Product information animation. After Effects and iPhone footage.

After taking thousands of pictures at events I put a handful of my favorites in to slideshows for social media.

Testimonials are powerful marketing tools and shooting on location has unique challenges. Let me help!

In the production of many videos for this company, I recorded the audio, ran the teleprompter and added the graphics to the edited footage.